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​”Hi Danilo

I just wanted to thank you for making me pain free.  I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia for many years and arthritis for the past 4 years.  My hip pain was so bad that I could not climb stairs, could not walk or stand for too long.  The cortisone shot in my hip or pain killers only upset my stomach.  I had tried physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture and whatever anyone had mentioned for my relief. I am completely pain free, am going for walks and doing aqua fit two times a week.  Sleeping well, and fell I have lots of energy, which makes me very happy. I will continue to come for treatment to enjoy a better life style. Again I cannot thank you enough for making me feel well again.”


“Danilo and Lidija, I came to the clinic with many health problems, but I would like to focus on two main ones: -the thickening of skin on the left foot for at least 20 years -hand pain for 8 years. After first Ionic Foot Detox and Bowen Therapy, I noticed improvement. My skin started to become softer. After 4 Ionic and 4 Bowen treatments, my skin got normal and I could work in my garden with my hand. Thank you for bringing back energy, health and joy in my life.”

Margaret. R

“In May 2012, I had tremendous pain starting from my neck all the way down to my base of my thumb due to continuous improper posture at the work computer. I had concerns that I might have carpel tunnel syndrome, asked a chiropractor for advice and I was adjusted incorrectly which lead my entire thumb to swell [pinched nerve]. For 8 months I completed physiotherapy and massage without recovering. It wasn’t until February 2013, I went 10 pin bowling with the company and woke up in the next day in agony. I seeked out an answer to my constant pain and came across Healthy Balance Bowen Therapy. It is unexplainable that after my first session my pain had been relieved and though it did take a few more sessions and I can happily say in June 2013 that I am no longer in pain!If more people were opened to Bowen therapy, there would be less pain and suffering in the world. Thank you Danilo for helping me and for providing a wonderful, comfortable atmosphere for treatment.”


It was my back pain, stomach pain and insomnia that brought me to bowen therapy. I tried chiropractor, massage therapy, acupuncture, osteopath and naturopath. Thousands of dollars later my back pain was still there and by then stomach pain joined in most likely from chronic stress and worry. I saw a psychotherapist to learn how to deal with chronic pain and how to deal with fear. She mentioned that she is seeing a bowen therapist for her back injury. I was intrigued and searched for a bowen therapist closer to me and I found Healthy balance bowen therapy and Danilo. I did about 6 weekly sessions. The therapy is the most unusual modality I have even encountered. My back pain and stomach pain did not change much, but what has changed was my emotional state. After each session I had major emotional releases as if something was leaving my body. This happened consistently and some shifts started to happen with my back and my stomach started to improve.  As I was on sick leave I could not continue with the sessions until I started to work. I stopped the sessions, but started to realize that I am feeling extremely happy inside and very peaceful, feelings I did not experience in a long time. There were even days I felt blissful. I found a new job very shortly as I started to feel healthier and stronger. As I started to work (my job is very demanding) I realized that I am experiencing NO PAINS and continue for feel happy. I decided to resume bowen therapy as I felt it will bring me more and more benefits.

And I was right, the affect on my emotional health and physical health is incredible. It is as if layers and layers of locked up emotions were stored in the body waiting to be released. Today I sleep incredibly well, which feels like a miracle, my stomach is much improved, my back is much better and I realize that my back signals to me when I am stressed and when I don’t listen to my body. I still have work to do and that is why I continue to go for biweekly sessions and I also continue with my own inner work, I journal, eliminate stress, eat well etc.

Danilo’s support has been essential during my healing, he is passionate about healing and very knowledgeable in many areas of health. More over he has the ability to listen to my experiences at the beginning of each session and it is this sharing that makes the difference. I have tried so many therapists and so many modalities, but Danilo’s care has surpassed them all thanks to his love and passion about healing and his gentle way of delivering it.  I strongly recommend Danilo and bowen therapy to anyone who is prepared to experience real healing.

Stania. M

With just a few Bowen Therapy sessions, the power and dimension of the curing influence was truly astonishing!

Chris. Mills

“Thank you so much for providing me with so much information to start my new way of eating and approaching food. Your time, energy and knowledge were very much appreciated. Thank you”


“After my injury I was diagnosed with degenerated disc. I had sciatic pain in my left leg and two of my toes were numb. I spend six months in bed and tried many modalities, but no lasting effect. Accidentally I read about Bowen Therapy in News Paper and decided to give it a try. After the first move I felt it started to work. After that just got better. I am back to normal life, work full time and have no pain. Thanks to Bowen.”

Nik. K

“First of all, I would like to thank you Danilo for what you have done for me with your Bowen Therapy. The warm and relaxing atmosphere combined with the quality of your work made a substantial difference. I feel confident that the Bowen therapy has played a big part in altering my knee pain and lower back pain. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends as you are a great therapist.”


I first went to see Danilo, just six weeks before scheduled to have cortisone shots in both my knees, and I actually kicked out at him, in an automatic reaction, the first time he tried to move my knee. I had never experienced Bowen Therapy but right from the beginning of his treatment, I felt a warm sensation in each of the areas he worked on.  At the end of the session I was able to move both my knees with less pain. I returned for treatment once a week, for the next 3 weeks, and my knees were improving so much, I cancelled my cortisone shots. That was a couple of months ago, and I continue to see Danilo most weeks because I feel my whole body is in better shape now due to Bowen massage. Fibromyalgia used to give me a constant all-over body pain that restricted my physical activity, but now I am back in a fitness program, and feeling great. Recently I travelled to Hong Kong and we walked all day long, for a week, to see the all the sights. Without Bowen therapy, that could not have happened. I am very gratefully to have found this gentle man and his life altering therapy and I have recommended him to many of my friends and family.

Laurie Donovan- Mailloux

Lord Randolph
Lord Randolph

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

You all NEED TO look into #BowenTherapy

This guy BARELY touched me yesterday and my shoulder and back pain have reduced TREMENDOUSLY (talking 80 to 90 per cent pain reduction AND movement restored!!!)!!!!!!!

I felt a little better after the 1 hour session yesterday...even saw Danilo on the street in Port Credit afterwards and told him of the slight reduction I already felt. But woke up today feeling like a millions bucks' BILLION bucks.... After ONE SESSION!!!!!!

I have been STRUGGLING WITH THIS PAIN FOR 7 YEARS, this gentleman, Danilo Voljanek helped me in about an hour... WOW !!!

Please, if you have ANY chronic pain... Refer yourself to #DaniloVoljanek for #BowenTherapy services and you can thank me thoroughly after you thank him thoroughly!!!!

P. S. I still going back to my next scheduled appointment with him.... Who knows, maybe he will teach me how to fly..... That's how good I feel!!!!

Check him OUT!!!!!!

Chris Mills
Chris Mills

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I have benefited from Danilo and his practice of astoundingly painless, methodology that no other combination of technique and practitioner were able to accomplish so quickly.
Thank you.

John Leonard
John Leonard

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Two visits - two BIG improvements in pain reduction and other aspects - flexibility up! I definitely recommend taking a few sessions with Danilo - you will be glad you did! John L.

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Ruth Bay
Ruth Bay
Many, many years ago I was in a car accident that left me with on-going migraines and limited mobility. I saw every doctor and therapist I could think of and at the end was told that nothing can be done and I have to learn to live with it. And I did…until I met Danilo from Healthy Balance …4 sessions later I was not only pain free, but my migraines are virtually gone and I have my mobility back. Danilo and his therapy gave me my life back. So, if any of you are living with pain and were told that nothing can be done… give Bowen Therapy a try… Thank you Danilo!
Glenn King
Glenn King
I have seen a tremendous improvement in my mobility and wellbeing since I started going to see Danillo. I have lived with chronic pain from arthritis since the age of 25 and I'm now 60. If you have run out of options and have an open mind Bowen Therapy can help.
Paul Van Wart
Paul Van Wart
I am currently receiving treatments from Danilo for knee and low back problems and his treatments have been very effective. I know I presented a challenge to him and he's taken on the challenge with gusto and confidence. I did have a shoulder problem as well and after one treatment, that problem has disappeared. I would highly recommend seeing Danilo for your chronic aches and pains.
Suzie Pereira
Suzie Pereira
I went for Bowen Therapy not knowing what to expect and of course very skeptical. I bought special promotional appointments for my husband because his body is always in pain, but when it came to booking the appointment, I thought that it would only waste my husband's time and I went instead. I noted that the treatment also worked on arthritis and thought I would give it a shot for the pain in my fingers which I knew was incurable and only relieved with pain killers and medication — Let me point out that I have a very high pain tolerance and had this for several years. I was not taking anything, but when my fingers got in the way, the pain would be excruciating—This would be a good test. Needless to say, after treatments that came with the special, I found no difference and thought my skepticism was true. However, Danilo was a little puzzled as to why there was no difference. So I decided to give it more time and continued to go. To my surprise, one day I realized I was completely pain free, even the pain I had in my upper arm which was not one of the reasons I went in. Only after the pain disappeared was I aware that I was really in a lot of chronic pain for years. I am one who is totally unaware of my body and could not even recognize when it was improving. Since my body needed a bit more coaxing, Danilo changed his treatment, according to my body needs and it did work. Again, unaware, I had to think about how I was the when I first went in to now. It is like night and day. I am so glad I stuck it out. I go to him now for maintenance knowing that for me, if I stop, my problem will possibly come back. I am so convinced he can help any pain. I’ve seen his other clients who come back so grateful to him for helping their problems. Do give him a try I guarantee he will be able to help you.
Tracey Parnell
Tracey Parnell
Within 2 sessions my back pain was 80% gone and now after my 3rd session I can Say I am pain fee. Thank you Danilo Vojanek and Healthy Balance for sharing your healing expertise and easing my pain. I recommend Danilo and Healthy Balance. Tracey Parnell, The Founder of Entrepreneurs of Port Credit